Will she accept my suggestion

Translation of "accept my proposal" in French

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And if you do accept my suggestion, Sir, ... he'll be with SG-1.
And I hope you do accept my suggestion become.
If you accept my suggestionyou can do what you want with him.
Passez ce marché avec moi et vous ferez ce que vous voulez de lui.

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I hope parliament will my suggestion unanimously accept.
If it's feasible, we should to accept a suggestion, because then we would have made a very positive decision.
Si cela était possible, il faudra le faire, et nous aurons, dans ce cas, décidé en faveur d'une très bonne cause.
As a Contracting Party to the Chemicals Convention, the Community should do so to accept a suggestion -
considérant qu'il convient que la Communauté, en tant que partie contractante à la convention chimique, adopte ladite proposition,
In such circumstances, why would Parliament make one so weak to accept a suggestion?
I very much hope that the Commission and the Council will do this to accept a suggestion become.
The court can do this to accept a suggestion or refuse.
I want yours to accept a suggestion, Mr. Mayo.
Ignacio, we have to Echezabals to accept a suggestion.
Ignacio, il faut accepter l'offre d 'Echezabal.
We are therefore proposing an expanded definition in the hope that Parliament will give our to accept a suggestion can.
Past experience shows that Parliament does not to accept a suggestion who does not take this right into account.
Les expériences antérieures ont montré que le Parlement n 'accepterait aucune proposition si ce droit n'est pas respecté.
Allow me to give you a few examples of the consequences if we put in what you put in to accept a suggestion.
Permettez-moi simplement de thunder quelques examples qui montrent ce qui nous attend si nous acceptons la proposition que vous avez présentée.
Mr. Varvitsiotis deserves our recognition because he has contributed to our positive to accept a suggestion on which we will now vote.
M. Varvitsiotis mérite des félicitations pour sa contribution à l'issue favorable de la proposition, que nous avons adoptée et en faveur de laquelle nous allons voter.
As regards the proposed amendments, the Commission can accept all but one Accept the proposal.
Quant aux amendments proposés, la Commission peut tous les accepter, drink U.N.
Mr President, when I think about it, there are perhaps two reasons for this to accept a suggestion to be able to.
Monsieur le Président, après mûre réflexion, je vois peut-être deux raisons d 'accepter cette proposition.
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