Which mobile apps should I uninstall?

Delete Android apps completely - here's how

Dennis Steimels

When you delete Android apps, data remains on the phone that continue to occupy memory. We'll show you how to remove the apps completely!

EnlargeDelete Android apps with on-board tools or CCleaner

Simply deleting an Android app is often not enough to completely remove all of the application's data from the smartphone memory. Some of them still take up valuable storage space - and that doesn't have to be the case!

Completely delete Android apps with on-board tools

EnlargeAndroid apps can be completely removed quickly and easily using on-board tools.
  1. Navigate to the Android settings and open under Applications the App manager .

  2. Find the entry for the app you want to delete in the list and tap on it.

  3. Then tap Force stop so that no more content is loaded into the cache.

  4. Tap on Storage and then one after the other on the buttons clear cache , delete data and finally on Uninstall .

The app has now been completely removed from the smartphone memory, including settings and data.

➤ Android again as quickly as on the first day

Empty memory with CCleaner

Cleaning applications like CCleaner help you to get an overview of the used memory and the used RAM. The CCleaner also offers you app management and shows you important information about your system.

In the CCleaner main view, tap the button Analyze , the app scans all folders, apps and files for removable data. When the analysis is finished, you can see how much space will be free after cleaning - and that can even be a few GB. Above all, social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook or Youtube store a lot of data in the cache, which you can usually remove without hesitation. Tap an entry such as "Cache" or "Downloads" to see details.

EnlargeThe CCleaner cleans your memory and makes your phone fast again.

Put the tick behind the entries and tap on Finish cleaning , the data is removed from memory. Tap again Analyze , you will immediately notice that the memory is not being used as much.

CCleaner Pro: The CCleaner is basically free of charge. As an in-app purchase, the developers offer a pro version, in which there is no advertising and you also have scheduled cleanings. CCleaner Pro costs € 2.99 per month or € 7.99 for an annual subscription.