Is a 20 minute nap unhealthy?

Sleep is good for your mind and body and can even help you lose weight. Experts recommend between at night 7 and 9 hours to sleep. But not everyone can do that in everyday work. Many people swear by it at noon - for example during the lunch break - to lie down again and take an afternoon nap. This is particularly easy to implement in the home office. But is it actually healthy to have a power nap during the day?

Midday nap: healthy or unhealthy?

Fatigue brings with it some physical ailments. Headaches, low moods and concentration problems during work can be the result. A nap at the right time and with the right duration can help. It is even healthy and can, among other things Cardiovascular diseases prevent. In addition, the short sleep counteracts the low performance that afflicts almost everyone in the course of a working day. An afternoon nap has a positive effect on ours Efficiency off and relieves stress. Taking a nap is particularly beneficial after demanding tasks. But watch out, the nap should last for 30 minutes do not exceed so that he is healthy!

Napping longer than 30 minutes in the afternoon can increase the risk of death

However, if you sleep too long at noon, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases and the risk of death increases too. The latter is the result of a meta-study by an international team of researchers. According to the study, people who regularly take long naps in particular have a 30 percent higherRisk of death. An afternoon nap that lasts longer than an hour is said to be particularly dangerous. Sleep researcher Hans-Günter Weeß also advises against taking an afternoon nap for more than half an hour. He explains: "70 percent of the population sleeps tiredly". According to him, after a long nap, it takes a long time to get going again. According to Weeß, people should come along sleep disorders Avoid taking an afternoon nap, as this can also prevent you from falling asleep in the evening. He generally recommends taking an afternoon nap for only 15 to 20 minutes.