What are your perfume preferences

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Agreed, choosing a beauty gift for her for the day of all lovers, the main thing is to get right on target. Therefore, like psychologists, advise you the evening before (at least a week before buying), ask how and what it is used; If there is an opportunity, see what cosmetics are kept with her bedside table and in the bathroom.

Decorative cosmetics.

Here you need to be extremely attentive and careful. If your chosen is accustomed to building eyelashes, then the ink kit is useless. If it does the eyebrow tattoo, the eyebrows aren't relevant either. In order not to miss out, choose sets of eyelids, new lipsticks and clay creams!

Cosmetics for hair care, face and body skin

Ideally, you need to know what type of skin is doing it, and how is the structure of the hair (and you thought it was going to be easy ?!). There is a small loophole here, however (in case you don't know about it) - use a personal hygiene kit or a kit for deep, moisturizing hair or facial skin. Or give a certificate in the beauty salon!


Even if you don't know your perfume preferences, absorb the scent, dispel the image as a whole. If she is a fragile and affectionate girl, she will definitely like perfumes with fruit and floral aromas. She loves to command and often manifests her character - take the scents with strong notes: UD, vetiver and wood chords. If it's always different, take a niche perfume - you won't lose!

Beauty gadgets.

Believe me, every girl will be happy to receive an interesting beauty gadget as a gift. And here you have a choice - from the simplest to the Superershers. However, we advise special attention to pay attention to practical and useful attention to practical and useful, for example, home devices for the paint device for diagnosis and cleaning of the skin.