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Overcoming fear of flying - 10 simple, effective tricks for more relaxation while flying

Above the clouds ... every third passenger feels uncomfortable! You too are suffering fear of flying and can't manage to relax on the plane? You are troubled by the thought"Delivered" to be and you're scared of one crash?

If your uncomfortable thought is still Racing heart and Sweats you are likely to suffer fear of flying. In any case, those affected should confront the fear of flying as quickly as possible, because - regardless of whether they are holidaymakers, casual flyers or experienced business travelers - fear of flying is a problem that should not be underestimated and restricts personal freedom.

What many do not know: Overcoming fear of flying is not that difficult, at least if you take the right approach!

We have collected the best tips to take away your fear of flying: Read, try out and take off relaxed - overcome your fear of flying together with checkfelix!

And so that you can see that there really is no need to worry, we have gathered the most important facts about the fear of flying for you as a supplement.

10 tips on how to overcome your fear of flying

Tip 1: Don't stress before the stress

A flight is nerve-wracking enough for people who are afraid of flying, so why stress unnecessarily in advance? Pack your suitcase the day before and organize a transfer to the airport in good time. The day of your departure will be particularly stress-free if you use the Check-in online done, or at least be at the check-in counter early enough.

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Tip 2: the right seat

Since fear of flying is closely related to claustrophobia, you should get one if possible aisle seat choose. This way you avoid the uncomfortable feeling of being “locked in” and don't even have to imagine the dizzying view behind the window. If you are sitting by the window and notice how nervous the view of the cloud cover is, then simply fold down the window shutter. Even this little thing can help overcome fear of flying - so keep your eyes open when choosing a seat!

Tip 3: initiate people

Even if you may be embarrassed, let someone know/-n Air Stewardess or yours Neighbors about your fear of flying - initiated people can distract and calm you down. The best thing about it: You don't feel alone and the additional stress of hiding your nervousness from others is gone. Perhaps the same thing happens to the person sitting next to you, who knows? It is definitely more pleasant to face the fear of flying together!


Tip 4: panic before panic

What helps with anxiety disorders and panic attacks, you can also use against your fear of flying: Accept your fear and don't try to fight them. You're nervous and that's perfectly fine. Denying your own fears only costs you unnecessary energy. In any case, avoid pessimistic mind games such as "What if ...", because that's like directing your own horror film ...

Tip 5: show me what you eat ...

Never get on a plane on an empty stomach! This only increases the queasy feeling. Even if you probably don't feel like it, eat something light like yogurt or fruit and get enough liquid to you. Caution: Drinks containing caffeine are taboo because they only increase your nervousness. Soothing teas, on the other hand, are a real treat for the nerves.

Tip 6: correct breathing and sitting

Make sure you breathe out longer than you breathe in. Deep breaths are the key to avoiding panic attacks. At least as important; Sit up straight with both legs firmly on the floor. If you are afraid of lofty heights, this type of “grounding” can work wonders. Perhaps you would also like to practice various breathing techniques with relaxation or meditation CDs before your trip.

Tip 7: relaxation exercises

The following exercise is very simple and effective in relieving the feeling of discomfort.Pull your shoulders up to your ears, Hold for 10 seconds and breathe in. Relax your shoulders again as you exhale. After 5 repetitions, you should feel a lot more relaxed. Stroking your stomach with circular movements (clockwise) also calms you down.

Tip 8: distraction

Chat with the person sitting next to you, immerse yourself in a good book, dream to your favorite music or use it On-board entertainment. Distraction can work wonders in overcoming fear of flying.

Tip 9: medication against fear of flying

Fear of flying Medication such as relaxation drops, valerian drops or light sedatives can help you fight fear of flying. It is best to get advice from your family doctor and, if necessary, write a prescription for tablets against fear of flying. Often, however, it is enough to be certain that you are afraid of flying tablets /Medicationto have in your hand luggage in case of an emergency so that you probably won't need it in the first place.

Tip 10: professional help

If none of the above tips work, you should professional help take advantage of.

The German fear of flying center offers special Coaching and Consultations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Various airlines - such as AUA or Lufthansa - organize Seminars against fear of flying. Also Expert advisor and DVDs can help control anxiety.

To show you how safe flying really is, we did research and the most important data summarized for flying in order to give you a better impression of the security situation on board.

Odd and Interesting: Facts to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

A look at the statistics shows very clearly: The number of passengers is increasing continuously and flying is becoming increasingly safer. In the meantime, a plane trip is even 350 times safer than in the 1970s!In 2017, aviation had its safest flying year ever, because in There were no serious civil aircraft crashes in Europe. The trend is clear: while the number of passengers continues to rise, the number of deaths is falling continuously.

For comparison: alone in In 2017, 413 people came to Austria in road accidents about life.

You can see that these facts can be of great help in overcoming the fear of flying.

Fun fact:

Flying is also safer than getting married, because in the USA approx. 8,000 people at the hands of their own spouse. Thus, the likelihood of being murdered by one's spouse is around 13 times higher, than dying in a plane crash.

Would you have known that low-cost airlines, or so-called Low-cost airlines,not more dangerous or are more likely to crash than “normal” airlines? Outstanding, safe airlines are Qantas, Finnair, Cathay Pacific, El Al, ANA and Austrian Airlines - these are Accident-free for over 30 years!.

And now: book your flight and travel relaxed!

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