Why does rainwater smell so bad

Re: water from the cistern smells bad

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Hello Camassia, you can easily use it for watering. I would just make sure that the water only gets on the ground and not on the leaves of the vegetables. Not that they still take on taste ..: roll: The perennials don't care, it is very likely not absorbed through the roots. These are some kind of organic decomposition processes that take place in the water. They don't affect the plants. There is something in the cistern that rots and decomposes. The only question is - what. In the simplest case, this is leaves and dirt that enter the cistern unfiltered via the roof. For this reason we have a coarse sieve between the gutter and the container. Now that it has not rained in ages, no fresh water came in for a long time, hence the smell. The withdrawal quantity plays less of a role. I find it amazing that it can get there with 3000l. Perhaps even economical when flushing the toilet. : mrgreen: We have 10,000 liters, without flushing the toilet, which I completely emptied in the dry spring, in between it was completely full again and now it is almost empty again. Edit: for cleaning: empty the cistern completely, put in fresh water, pump it out again ... Possibly get another pump that goes everywhere. Our containers could also be climbed into if necessary. I don't know if your opening is big enough.
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