When is Microsoft planning a new operating system?

Microsoft changes plans: Windows 10X will be released in spring 2021

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

The brand new Windows 10X for single-screen devices will be released in spring 2021. The Windows 10X version for dual-screen devices will not follow until 2022. This is what a Microsoft expert predicts.

EnlargeWindows 10X can be tested in the Microsoft emulator under Windows 10

Microsoft managers have not commented on the Windows 10X timetable since the beginning of May 2020. But now it should be certain that Microsoft is planning the premiere of Windows 10X for spring 2021. The Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley claims to have found out from her sources.

Windows 10X - code name "Lite / Santorini" - is not a new operating system. But a Windows 10 variant in a modular form and with a new, simpler interface, as Jo Foley writes. Microsoft originally planned to deliver Windows 10X for the first time on dual-screen devices such as the Surface Neo. But with its postponement, Microsoft also changed its plans for Windows 10X.

According to Jo Foley, according to the new plan, Windows 10X will start on single-screen devices that are intended for professional or school use. It should start in spring 2021. In the spring of 2022, Windows 10X will then start for other single-screen devices and then for the first time also for dual-screen devices, as Jo Foley claims to have learned from her contacts.

Windows 10X is not supposed to support Win 32 apps in containers at the start. Only Universal Windows Platform apps (UWP) and web apps run on Windows 10X devices. Microsoft may provide support for Win 32 apps at a later date as part of its new cloud PC virtualization service. Jo Foley suspects that Microsoft has decided not to support Win 32 apps in containers because there are performance problems with them and these would consume too many resources.
Microsoft is said to have not yet completely given up the idea of ​​running Win 32 apps in containers on Windows 10X. But it won't work before 2022.

Jo Foley also speculates that Microsoft could only bring a small feature update for Windows 10 in autumn 2020. The next feature update for Windows 10, which is actually planned for spring 2021, could then be omitted because Windows 10X will be released in spring 2021. Microsoft would not present a major update with new functions for Windows 10 until autumn 2021.

According to Jo Foley, Microsoft would then release another update for Windows 10X in spring 2022, with dual-screen support.

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