What are some synonyms since then


Again and again we are asked why BMW is often referred to as a bimmer or projector. What was only common in the English-speaking world a few years ago has long since established itself in Germany. But where do these names come from when BMW is so short in German and doesn't need any abbreviation or paraphrase?

The cause is not only in the English language, where the W spoken becomes a double-U, as is well known, the Birmingham Small Arms Company - or BSA for short - is also involved. Although the English initially specialized in guns, they quickly turned to motorcycles and were responsible for some of the fastest motorcycles in the world in the 1960s.

So it came about that the BSA motorcycles dueled with BMW motorcycles on the racetracks. Of course, the English had a large fan base and this is what we owe the name Bimmer to today: Whoever pronounces BSA quickly, already knows the nickname of the fast two-wheelers from Birmingham - Beezer. In contrast to this term, the term beamer was gradually established for BMW motorcycles.

The fact that the double-U, which is a bit awkward to pronounce in English, is no longer necessary, is a pleasant side effect and is now often assumed to be the actual origin of the word bimmer. If you leave out the W in the English Be-Em-Double-You and look for a suitable ending, you end up with the much faster spoken BE-EM-er or the even shorter variant Bimmer.

In the USA in particular, a distinction is still made between the terms bimmer and beamer, whereby the connection to BSA becomes clear again: In the USA, beamer is a term for BMW motorcycles, bimmer is used exclusively for BMW automobiles. If you compare the sales figures for BMW Motorrad with those of BMW automobiles, it becomes clear why the term bimmer is much more common today and is used more frequently - for a long time also in Germany.