What's your best and healthier recipe

Healthy lunch - the best recipes

Rich in vital substances, easily digestible and naturally tasty - this is how a healthy lunch should be. No problem if you combine the right foods and make time for a mindful meal!


Healthy lunch - what's on the plate?

Fresh vegetables or salad, plus protein-rich items such as fish, meat or legumes and carbohydrates from pasta, potatoes or rice - for one healthy lunch you should combine ingredients from all food groups. So you are well taken care of for the second half of the day! In addition, you shouldn't eat too much, it will make you cumbersome.


Healthy lunch - what's the best way to taste it?

For a healthy lunch, it's not just the "what" that counts but also the "how": Eat your meal in peace at the table. Do not let yourself be distracted by the television, cell phone or computer, but rather enjoy your healthy lunch consciously: Mindful smelling, tasting and chewing ensure that your digestion optimally absorbs the food and that you feel full in good time.

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