How do I measure the speed of the baseball field

How To Calculate Baseball Pitch Speed ​​2021 - Healthy Miss

to calculate. Professionals usually use a radar gun to measure the speed of a baseball. But you can also calculate the speed of a baseball field using equipment you have at home. This technique measures the average speed, in feet per second, of a baseball as it travels from the pitcher's hill to the home plate. Typically this value is converted to miles per hour for convenience.

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Step 1

Measure the distance between the mound of the thrower and the starting plate with the tape measure. That distance should be 60.5 feet for a major league baseball diamond.

step 2

The playing time of the baseball from the time it leaves the pitcher's hand until it reaches the catcher's glove. Suppose the travel time of the baseball is 0.4 seconds.

step 3

Calculate the average speed of the baseball in feet per second using the formula S = D / T. The average speed of the baseball is "S", the distance that the baseball has traveled is "D", and the time of the baseball's travel is "T." . "When the distance is 60.5 feet and the time is 0. 47 seconds then the speed of baseball is 60.5 / 0. 47 or 129 feet per second.

Step 4

Multiply the speed of the baseball in feet per second by 0. 682. This converts the speed to miles per hour (mph). For example, a speed of 129 feet per second is equal to 129 x 0.682 = 88 mph.

Step 5

Calculate the speed of the baseball directly from its travel time in seconds. The equation S = (60.5 / T) *. 682 = 41. 3 / T provides the speed of the baseball in miles per hour, where "T" is the time in seconds. Assuming the distance is 60.5 feet, a travel time of 0.47 seconds means a speed of 41.3 / 0.47 = 88 mph.

What you need


  • The pitches take a fraction of a second to reach home plate. To make sure your timing and calculations are correct, measure the speed of several pitches.


  • If you are counting on the pitching speed, make sure that you are properly warmed up to avoid muscle strains and muscle strains.