PHP developers should learn WebGL

Why now is the best time to become a web developer

The World Wide Web was originally started as a platform for the simple exchange of research results. At the very beginning there wasn't even a way to embed images on websites. Within a few years the WWW became extremely popular and the possibilities have exploded. Because static web pages were not sufficient, JavaScript was used to create a way to dynamize the client. Applications based on web technologies were also developed quickly. Finally, with HTML5, the web was also transformed into a multimedia and application platform. Since then, other interfaces have landed on the web that developers could only have dreamed of earlier. Today the web is almost ubiquitous and its future prospects are dazzling.

A little bit of everything

Web development is just as diverse as application development itself. There are, among others, the following disciplines (a selection of the most important techniques in brackets):

  • Frontends (Angular, React or Vue.js)
  • Backends (ASP.NET Core, Node.js, PHP)
  • Communication between front and back end (HTTPS / REST, WebSockets, gRPC)
  • Databases (NoSQL or SQL databases)
  • Authentication (OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect)
  • Tests (Karma, Jasmine, Selenium)
  • Documentation (Swagger, JSDoc)
  • Design tools (Adobe Experience Design, Figma, Storybook)