Why is Blackberry dying

Blackberry is dying - No more updates for Priv

Chrome doesn't work

solvedmartenk1 day agoQuestionInternet

Hello community have a huge problem with Chrome - can no longer access pages - always get the bad-tempered smiley coming in the top left ...

Synchronize large profiles stored on the server

tsunami1 day agoQuestionWindows Server

Hello, I have a question regarding Server stored profiles. Until now it was called permanent jobs. Now I have some "jumpers". So switched to roaming profiles. Well ...

Increase rsync performance

winlin1 day ago QuestionLinux network

Hello everyone, what configuration options are there to tune Samba? I have a data transfer rate of max 1Mb / sec. in the local network from my MAC (WiFi) ...

Original mail arrives differently with senders

blaub33r3 1 day ago QuestionExchange Server

Hey dear people :) I would like to shed light on the following construct. There is a sender and Receiver1 / Receiver2 / Receiver3 Sender sends ne ...

NTFS authorization does not apply! Knowledge gap!

Resolved RG2525 19 hours ago Question Windows Server

Hello, I have set permissions for directories on a W2K16 file server. I always explicitly assign sharing and NTFS permissions with security groups. On a ...