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Description of Code Monk (from Google Play)

HackerEarth brings you a great app to learn to code while having fun. Introducing CodeMonk - a weekly series of tutorials on all subjects related to computer science combined with regular coding competitions to test your understanding of the subjects.

The series focuses on programming for beginners who want to improve their programming skills. However, experts can also use it as a tool to revise concepts and improve their programming karma.

It's time to learn to program the CodeMonk way!


Code Monk is a weekly tutorial for those who want to learn coding and improve their programming skills from good to great. A great way to learn coding for beginners and become a better developer.

Every week you get access to detailed tutorials on topics such as basic programming, algorithms, data structures, mathematics and much more.

Go through the tutorials (in C, C ++, Java, Javascript, Algorithms, etc.) during the week and improve your understanding of each topic.

Learn at your own pace and at the end of each week there is a programming competition to test your knowledge on each topic. For some topics, depending on the level of difficulty, you have 2 weeks to prepare for the competition.

Do well in the competitions and climb the leaderboard. Aim for first place and you have the chance to win exclusive t-shirts, vouchers and other goodies in every competition. What better way to learn programming?


1. Log in to login with ease to save and track your progress in the CodeMonk series

2. Register for the CodeMonk challenges on the go using the app itself

3. Be notified when new tutorials are activated

4. Smart notifications to remind you of new events that you have registered for

5. Get offline access to all tutorials and content to learn programming with ease


1. Can I learn to program with CodeMonk?

Yes, CodeMonk teaches you the basics of programming for beginners. You can brush up on many concepts on topics such as algorithms, data structures, math, and basic programming.

2. Can I register for CodeMonk challenges via the app?

Yes, you can register for challenges yourself using the app.

3. Can I take part in the CodeMonk challenges through the app?

Coding is something better suited to a full-sized keyboard with a big screen in front of you. Therefore, the only way to keep up to date with the challenges is with the app.

In order to participate, you need to log into the same CodeMonk profile on your computer.

4. Which topics are covered in this year's CodeMonk?

CodeMonk covers a huge list of topics like arrays & strings, sorting, searching, stacks & queues, number theory, trees, graph theory, hashing and many, many more!

5. What prizes can I win when I take part in CodeMonk Challenges?

The winners of the weekly challenge will win lots of cool prizes, including t-shirts, gift certificates and loads of HackerEarth goodies!


We work hard to make sure we deliver the best mobile experience. However, we are still learning and we ask that you reach us at [email protected] in case of bugs or feedback.

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