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What you learn in the first year behind the bar about being a bartender

First of all, it should be mentioned here that the term "Barkeeper" actually only describes the person who works behind the bar and mixes delicious cocktails in German.

In the English language, the term “barkeeper” is actually understood to mean the owner or operator of a bar.
The cocktail artists are correctly referred to in English as Bartender or Barman (male) or Barmaid (female).

Now for the things you initially learn from working as a bartender:

1. If the bar is fully prepared for opening hours, i.e. all preparatory work has been done 100%, no guest will be seen for the first 20 minutes.
But woe betide you are lagging behind with the preparatory work.
Then the bar is jam-packed as soon as you unlock it.

2. It is very tempting to be clichéd about the guests.
But the man in the suit doesn't always drink the smoky whiskey and his shy-looking wife the “coconut kiss” without ice.

3. Speaking of "without ice". Just because you order the drink without ice doesn't mean that the guest gets more content in his cocktail.

4. Even if the guest asks to make his cocktail "extra strong", not a drop of more alcohol will end up in the shaker than the recipe requires.

5. People who have never worked as a bartender or waiter do not know what it means to bring things from "Point A" to "Point B".
Often it is more like an obstacle course when you have to make your way through a tipsy crowd with a tray full of drinks.

6. Some people go to bars because they want attention.
The fact that they buy something to drink at the same time is often secondary.
What they really need is human contact with someone who listens to them (or at least pretends to be).
On the other hand, there are also guests who practically do not want any communication. These are pretty easy to spot. So give them the drink and then it's best to avoid them.

7. If you work in a bar that has a menu with over 150 cocktails, you will be asked at least once a night what your favorite cocktail is.

8. The strangest drink someone asked me for was a "Mojito very smooth".
The mint was pureed with the other ingredients in a blender. It looked more like spinach than mojita, but it didn't taste as bad as you might think.

9. I never realized how many people are afraid of tequila.

10. If you want to sell a drink, somehow incorporate it "berry" in the name of the cocktail (e.g. StrawBERRY Mojito, RaspBerry Shrub, ...).
Also "Sex" and everything that goes with it sells very well.
A few examples: Sex on the Beach, Sex on the Mountains, Sex ... wherever; furthermore orgasm, blow job, etc.

11. Guests will ask you to prepare the drink they ordered on the spot.
This mostly happens on nights when you are inundated with orders anyway.
A raw, undiluted panic can grow over you in the process.
But don't forget: it's just drinks. You're not trying to sew a severed leg back on or land a Boeing 747 blindfolded.

12. If you add an ingredient, no matter how common, to a drink in portions from a pipette, at least one guest will consider you a mad scientist and cocktail professional.

13. Even if you prepare 50 great-looking cocktails and then one that doesn't look so perfect, the guest will choose exactly this as a photo motif.

14. A roll of duct tape can become your best friend behind the bar.
Anything can be fixed and repaired with it. Even plasters and finger stalls on the hands that would otherwise slip off again.

15. Because we're on the subject - bloody fingers and hands are almost part of the bartender's daily bread. The advantage here is that the combination of wounds with lemon juice keeps you awake better than any cup of coffee.

16. Use your head when it comes to your feet.
If you work behind the bar you will be standing and walking all evening. On the one hand, it is therefore important to think ahead so that you can save yourself a trip. On the other hand, shoes play an important role. These should be comfortable and safe as you will step on emptied liquids, broken glass, etc.

Mate Kende (Cocktails & More)


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