What is the livable wage in Canada

Job offer Vancouver Salary OK?

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Thank you for your answers. I once looked for salaries in similar positions (similar requirement profile, etc.) and if there was any information then it was at most 70k. The average wage in Canada is said to be 35k (?). There is Glassdoor.ca, unfortunately I did not find any information there that goes into the food science area.

What would RVer cities outside of Vancouver be for you that you consider to be worth living in and why (why not)?

I've googled a lot about the cost of living, but it's a little difficult to find something up-to-date or meaningful there. Housing is probably the biggest item that comes your way.

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Surrey & Abbotsford have a very HIGH crime rate ..... murders, drugs etc ...

The quietest and cheapest town (small town) is Chilliwack, that's why we live here.
Everything else in cities around Vancouver are independent cities and have nothing to do with VAN. Good cities (but expensive) are North Vancouver, Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Mission. From Chilliwack you drive in around 1 1/2 to 2 hours to Vancouver and you have to pay GREAT if you drive over the # 1 bridges ... We are in "retirement" (travel time) and feel right at home in Chilliwack. Hardly have winter, so no snow, etc.