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Let your creativity run free as a web designer in Frankfurt

The homepage of a bar in Cologne or the website of a steak house in Leipzig - these are examples of the professional field of a web designer. This profession is all about creativity and creating user experiences through beautiful design and elegant creations. Web design is important for companies in Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Essen. Because there is no second chance for a first impression, even on the Internet. Are you a person full of ideas and graphically talented? Then web design might be just the thing for you.

What to bring and what to expect

However, it should not stop with good graphic skills, even if they are the basis for developing good web design. You also need an understanding of common web techniques such as HTML, CSS or Javascript. These are all things that a website can build on and that shape or influence the design. If you also have some knowledge of the technology behind running websites, you are an interesting candidate for companies looking for web designers. You will mostly expect agencies that look after different companies. Here you will find changing projects with interesting tasks. Willingness to travel is required for this. So you can design a website for a flower shop in Stuttgart today and for an opera house in Hamburg tomorrow. The companies very often compensate for this with benefits such as home office, grants for memberships or free offers. But large companies also have their own web design departments. Here you work in-house at the company location and there is no need to travel.

And this is how you find your new job!

At t3n.de you only need a keyword in the job search, such as "Web design Frankfurt am Main". You choose the right offer from the advertisements and can often apply directly. With individual filters you can restrict the result to certain industries or add locations such as Berlin. You can also exclude entire locations and only search in Düsseldorf, but not in Dortmund. So it's very easy to start your new career on t3n.de, so keep checking back.

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