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The line of the hairline largely determines the proportions of the face. This also has a significant impact on your charisma and impact on others. In the case of hereditary hair loss, the hairline is often greatly reduced. A high forehead often does not correspond to the desired ideal of beauty. But how do you deal with the problem? Is it possible to lower the hairline with a hair transplant? How does such a treatment work?

Hair transplant: successfully lowering the hairline?

With a hair transplant, the exact hairline is very important and usually decides whether the result will look natural or not. During an own hair treatment, this can be set deeper if necessary. In this way, the desired approach can almost always be achieved. When making the adjustment, the doctor must make sure that it follows the forehead muscles. Because that's the only way the result will look natural later.

What is the hairline?

This refers to the coat of hair that is on the border between the forehead and the hair on the head. This line can go through Receding hairline, Balding or being pushed back by front hair that is becoming lighter.

If the hairline is further back on the head than usual, the forehead is said to be too high.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

A hair transplant, in which the hairline is lowered, is suitable for anyone with hereditary problems. But even if you find your forehead too high, the border to the hair on your head can be changed. In addition, the treatment is recommended for people who have lost their natural hair coat due to injuries or burns.

How does the hair transplant work?

Before you can start transplanting your own hair, you must first determine where the new desired approach should be. Several factors must be taken into account for this. In the following we will go into the important steps in more detail.

The drawing

A certain distance from the forehead muscles must already be maintained when drawing the new desired line. A difference of about one centimeter between the uppermost forehead muscle and the hairline is often recommended. This distance must also be taken into account when transplanting, since transplanting in the forehead muscles is not possible. As a result, no aesthetic and natural result can be achieved.

The patient's age is also taken into account when lowering the hairline. There is a hair coat that looks more youthful and one that is suitable for adults. Of course, the new border between forehead and scalp hair must also be individually adapted to the patient.

Before starting treatment, it is important that this limit is precisely defined. For this purpose, the hairline is drawn with a pen before the hair transplant. This will give you an accurate picture of where your new hair will go later. Treatment can only begin once you, the patient, agree with the result. For this reason, this procedure is of enormous importance in the application.

What do you have to pay attention to?

If the hairline is redefined, it is important to make sure that it is not 100 percent symmetrical to the head. Otherwise the result will look very unnatural later. A lot is therefore required to determine the optimal course professional experience. In order to achieve an optimal end result, the hair at the border between forehead and scalp hair should always be implanted much more closely than the rest of the head.

Where exactly the pulling down has to take place in order to achieve the most natural "before and after result" possible can also be determined using various biological characteristics. The hair structure also plays a decisive role in determining it. In professional circles one speaks of the “golden ratio”.

"Golden ratio" ensures a natural hairline hair transplant

A natural looking hairline is an important factor in a hair transplant. The patient's facial proportions must be taken into account here.

The so-called “golden ratio” is used here, which means that the face is divided into three equal parts:

The first part goes from the hairline to the eyes. The second section runs from the eyes to the nose. The third unit is from the nose to the chin. Based on these subdivisions, the ideal position for the hairline hair transplant is calculated.

What can make the result look unnatural?

If the hairline is to be set downwards during a hair transplant, we recommend that you only consult an experienced specialist. Because if there are not enough hair follicles or the new grafts are misaligned, the result is an unnatural course. An incorrectly drawn line can also make the result look very unnatural.

Lowering the hairline

For hair treatment, Dr. Balwi from Elithairtransplant uses various techniques, with the sapphire treatment being one of the most modern and effective methods. With this special application it is possible to have a to achieve maximum density. The sapphire technique is also very precise and enables a natural and aesthetic end result.

How far the line can be lowered also depends on the number of grafts (hair follicles) available in the donor area. Of course, the individual condition of those affected also plays an important role here. Because if only a small donor area and therefore only a small number of hair follicles are available, the approach to hair transplantation can only be reduced to a limited extent.

In order to achieve a very natural result, the precise opening of the hair channels is extremely important. This is the only way to create a natural border between forehead and head hair. In addition, it is essential to pay attention to the direction of growth so that the approach looks natural after the treatment. Ideally, the slightly irregular growth that natural hair has in this area is also taken into account. It is important that the angle of the grafts always corresponds to the position of the existing hair.

Many benefits of hairline hair transplant

When the hair extensions pass through hereditary hair loss, Injuries or burns move backwards, the hairline can be moved downwards during a hair transplant. This also makes it possible to stop baldness. By pulling the attachment down, a natural and aesthetic result can be achieved. It is important that more hair follicles are used in the area of ​​the transition from the forehead to the scalp hair than on the rest of the head.

The Correction of the hairline is a permanent cosmetic procedure. In order for the newly set approach to appear natural, it must also never run 100 percent symmetrically to the forehead. Therefore, lowering the line should always be carried out by a doctor who has experience and knowledge in this area.

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