How well does artificial turf run?

Real garden feeling? Artificial turf for balconies and patios

You should pay attention to this when buying artificial turf

It goes without saying that your artificial turf for the balcony must be UV-resistant and generally suitable for outdoor use. The different qualities are suitable for different purposes:

Particularly soft lawn carpets are recommended for people who want to make their balcony very cozy. You can walk barefoot on this surface or sit on the floor.

For a larger terrace that may even be used by children, a robust artificial turf that can withstand a lot is advisable. There are special products for outdoor playgrounds. Other types of artificial turf are comparable to deep-pile carpets, they bring a meadow atmosphere to the balcony.

Laying artificial turf on the balcony: how does it work?

It is possible to buy an artificial turf carpet with knobs on the underside, which you can easily lay loosely on the balcony. The knobs ensure that the floor covering is well ventilated on the underside when it is wet.

However, you should still pick up and hang up the carpet regularly so that there is no mold underneath. A permanently laid artificial turf should not allow rainwater to collect under it.

  • Make sure the surface is clean and dry.
  • Roll out the artificial turf on the balcony and cut it with the carpet knife.
  • Make sure that the individual artificial turf runs are flush with one another.
  • Use the special adhesive recommended by the manufacturer, which you apply either over the entire area or around all edges.
  • Do not put your furniture back up until the glue has completely dried.

The advantages and disadvantages of outdoor artificial turf at a glance


  • extremely easy to care for: no mowing, fertilizing or watering
  • UV-resistant for a long time
  • comfortable skin feeling
  • quick and easy to lay
  • high quality material is very durable
  • anti-slip effect


  • optically and haptically does not quite come close to real lawns
  • does not dry as quickly after rain as smooth surfaces
  • if laid incorrectly, there is a risk of mold
  • relatively high cost for good quality
It is best to buy artificial turf for your balcony that has a drainage layer on the back. In this way, the rainwater is reliably drained and the mold does not stand a chance.

Author: Elisabeth Fey - Note: All information is without guarantee