How corrupt is William Barr

US Attorney General William Barr resigns

US Attorney General William Barr will leave office before Christmas - December 23rd. This emerges from his resignation letter, which the elected US President Donald Trump published on Twitter on Monday evening. In the tweet, Trump wrote that Barr did an "excellent job". His deputy Jeff Rosen will take over the office in a managerial capacity.

Barr has long been considered a close ally of Trump. In the past few weeks, however, the President had not necessarily revealed that he had done an "excellent job" in his opinion. Rather, the relationship was considered broken. Last week, the president publicly expressed his disappointment in his minister. The reason for this was his statements in an interview in which he had commented on the US election result, which Trump had questioned. Barr said he had not seen any evidence of fraud to the extent that could have led to a different election result.

Trump had also expressed sharp criticism of Barr because, according to the "Wall Street Journal", he had been aware of investigations against the son of the elected US President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, since the spring, but with a view to the non-interference that is common in the US the authorities had not made public in the election campaign. Hunter Biden announced last Wednesday that he was being investigated at the federal level for "tax matters".

Trump then left it open whether he wanted to hold on to Barr and called the Justice Department a "disappointment". When asked by a reporter whether he still trusts Barr, Trump said, "Ask me that in a few weeks."

Successor to Jeff Sessions

Trump nominated Barr as attorney general in December 2018 after Jeff Sessions submitted his resignation at Trump's request. Sessions' relationship with the president had broken down during the investigation into the Russia case, which the justice minister had not adequately blocked from the point of view of his boss. Barr later defended Trump with great verve on this matter and also during his impeachment in early 2020.

Trump does not recognize Biden's election victory even weeks after the vote and presents himself as a victim of massive electoral fraud. He has not presented any reliable evidence for this, but is continuing his efforts to overturn the result with legal action. (red, APA, Reuters, December 14, 2020)