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What do men want? 9 things women should know!

It is not always easy to really understand another person, especially when they are of the opposite sex.

Men are very different from women in the way they think, act, and react about certain things.

Therefore, both men and women tend to misunderstand each other often.

If you've ever wondered what men want, this article will help you do just that.

Because today I'm going to tell you nine things that men want women to know!

Tip: Since this article is relatively long, you should make a note of it!

1. Men also long for compliments ...

Even if people pretend they don't like compliments, they are human too and love recognition.

In fact, compliments can have a huge impact on your relationship with a guy because he just doesn't hear them enough.

In contrast to women who need a loving compliment every now and then, it is enough for a man to say how good he looks or how smart he is so that he feels comfortable and his ego is polished up again.

Enhance your compliment with a seductive look and you will wrap it completely around your finger.

Tip: The compliments shouldn't just be about the man's looks.

When praising a man, it is important to focus on the things that are normally overlooked rather than just focusing on the body.

For example, praise him,...

  • When he has cooked something delicious ...
  • When he turns you into a Date invites or has chosen the perfect date ...
  • If he is a good father / son ...
  • If he gives good advice ...

.... or just when he's a wonderful partner.

These comments and compliments may not always be remembered, but they have a huge impact on his everyday life.

Plus, it makes the man try to get better and he works to impress you - his wife - to prove that he really deserves these compliments.

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2. His honesty is well-intentioned

Women tend to misunderstand his honesty at times because it can be hurtful or insensitive.

Most of the time, however, this is not the case because he has no intention of harming you in any way by telling the bare truth either about your friends, your relatives, or how you do certain things.

In fact, he was taught by his parents to be honest with those who matter. In order for him to have an honest conversation with you, it is therefore not necessary to avoid the bush.

3. Men love to solve your problems

In men and women, there is a big difference in dealing with difficult situations because our brains don't work the same way.

For the most part, women love to be heard and comforted as they tackle a difficult problem because they don't like being alone in such situations.

On the other hand, it is a male instinct to solve problems, or at least have as many approaches as possible.

This can be pretty confusing because a woman shares her problems or the things she's going through, even though she may not want the man to help!

This is something that most men don't understand.

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Since men love to solve their problems, as a woman you should tell the man in advance that you don't want to hear his solutions or opinions, but just need some comfort.

Unfortunately, this topic in particular often leads to unnecessary fights and disputes. This is where men and women simply have to understand each other better in future.

4. Appreciate its reliability

You should learn to appreciate men when they are there for you in any situation or need, no matter how short or tall they are.

A man also loves to appreciate small things because he tries hard and is by your side every time.

Therefore the following applies: If the man comes on time for dinner, listens to your problems, gives advice and agrees with you, visits your parents ... Appreciate all of that!

Positive feedback to your husband works wonders!

5. Men love to spend time alone

Please don't mean that your partner doesn't like to be with you or doesn't enjoy the time with you.

However, that doesn't mean you should spend every minute together!

Men love to spend time with their buddies or just to have an evening to themselves and sit by the game console.

So don't be mad at your partner because he or she plays an hour, goes to work out or wants to spend the Friday evening with his buddies ...

Just as women love the girls' evening or enjoy the time to be alone, men are no different.

Time alone means for the man to relax and experience adventures with his buddies. Men always stay boys.

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6. Give him the commands in the bedroom

One of the reasons men are in a relationship is to have fun and create memories together with the great love.

That's not possible if he's the only one suggesting things or trying to be creative in the bedroom.

You don't have to be intimidated or feel that he is judging you in any way.

So use your hands and voice, give him instructions and tell him exactly what you want. Men love it when you are an active part and are only satisfied when you are completely satisfied.

7. Try to support his hobbies

It is obvious that men and women have different hobbies, which can lead to problems.

It may be that he may not like some of your hobbies, but because you are in a relationship, as a man he will try to support you in every way possible.

The same goes for women, no matter how ridiculous our hobbies may be.

For example, if you don't enjoy watching football, you can just join him or try to support him instead of fighting him or getting angry when he visits the stadium again.

Communication is the best approach to solving this, as it allows you to decide which hobbies you both can partake in and which each should do alone or with friends.

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8. Men love femininity

There are some things that are only meant for women and men love them because they show the difference between us.

Men love it when you smell good, put flowers on the table or cook a delicious meal.

Danger: However, you don't have to do things that you don't like or would hate to do to impress a man. That'll just knock you out ...

A woman should do or participate in whatever makes her feel free and happy. This is something that makes you really attractive in male eyes.

9. Don't make an elephant out of every mosquito

We are human and mistakes happen.

We sometimes forget things and we certainly don't do that on purpose. That happens to menAND Women!

Be aware that mistakes can happen and adopt a certain tolerance.

For example...

If your guy has forgotten a few things from the grocery store, you don't need to get angry or start overreacting.

Before you start overreacting, it's important to put yourself in his shoes and try to understand him. This will help avoid doing or saying hurtful things.

I hope you have learned a thing or two about what men want and you didn't know exactly yet!

And don't forget to memorize this article on Pinterest or send it to a friend who should definitely read it!